products you should NOT use.


The first beauty product that you should not use , believe it or not is glitter because recent studies show that apart from causing irritation to the skin it is also bad for the environment. Now i know we all love a bit of glitter and we think it can not be that bad it actually makes up the majority of 270,000 tons of plastic in the ocean.

sunscreen over spf 50

Getting a 100 spf sunscreen might sound like a great way to protect your skin, but you really don’t need anything after 50 spf. Values over 50 don’t really give you more protection, are misused and are not applied as often resulting in sun damage. They usually as not as high as the labal claims. so why not save yourself some money and just stick to 50 and just apply more often?

Cuticle cutters

Cuticles are there for a reason, do not cut them! It’s protecting your body from potentially harmful bacteria and fungus that could lead to an infection. Instead just push them back but do not get rid of them all together.

lip balm

This does not apply to all lip balms but some lip balm brands purposely put ingredients in their lip balms that will irritate the lips even more to keep them buying more of the product. So when buying lip balm make sure to buy the ones that do not contain alcohol.


recommended beauty products

The first product i highly recommend is Bondi sands fake tanning foam. It comes with a great range of shades and is completely streak free. Let me not lie i am not the best at fake tan but with this product i found it super easy, just apply wait and wash. The end result looks natural golden and just the way you want it to look.

The next product i would like to recommend is the Mac fix +. It is the only setting spray that has ever worked for me. It is perfect for keeping your make up on all day or all night and great for all skin types and it doesn’t make your face feel stiff or tight unlike other products. Mac fix+ is a must have and i could not recommend it more.

3. The sleek highlighter is the highlighter i use and it has been for years. It is just a cheap drugstore highlighter that you can buy from you local boots but it is so pigmented and mine has lasted me for years.

4. The best mascara i have ever used is the ‘Better than sex’ mascara from Two faced. It makes my eyelashes look so long and adds loads of extra volume. It is £19 but so worth it. It curls, lengthens, and volumes’ lashes in just one quote.

The final product i’m going to recommend is the ‘Maybelline age rewind concealer‘. It has a wide range of shades an is only cheap. This is another product that can just be bought from your local boots which is always handy. Although i am only young and don’t need a de-wrinkle concealer it still works great on me and it is not only for wrinkly people.

thats it for now ,hope you found this helpful.

5 of the latest fashion trends.

Todays blog will be a lot different from the last i will be talking about 10 of the latest fashions and whether i think they are cute or not.

  1. The first fashion trend which im seeing make a comeback is scrunchies. some of the celebs ive seen wearing scrunchies include singer/actress Selena gomez, super model Gigi Hadid and actress/singer jennifer lopez of as u may know her Jlo. i personally think this look is super cute and im so for it making a come back. Comment below what you think!
the gorgeous super model Bella Hadid wearing white scrunchie


2. The past few weeks that i have been shopping online , scrolling through Instagram or just walking down the street i have been seeing lots of neon dresses, bags , accessories and outfits. Personally i love a pop of colour and i think it can look great if done right. It is a bold look and of course is not for everyone but it comes as no surprise that the Kardashians look amazing in neon. Let me know what you think in the comments.

tie dye

3. If you don’t like colour this look is definitely not for you. Lots of tie die clothes have been making an appearance on the run way and it has been mentioned that it might be the new trend this summer. i am personally not mad about it but i thunk it could look nice if done subtly but you defo wont catch me wearing it any time soon.

Bucket hats

4. Cute. Love a bucket hat. i think that thay are perfect for festivals and could look super cute this summer if worn with the right outfit and by someone who suits hats. Its something that can be worn by both boys and girls. Celebs that have been seen wearing bucket hats include ; Pharell Williams, Rihanna, Bella Hadid

Animal Print

5. Will animal print ever be out of fashion? The good news is if you bought a leopard print item last season you will still be able to come this time round as animal print continued to rock the catwalks at fashion week. I personally love a bit of animal print and it is a great way to spice up an outfit.

So those are 5 of the latest fashion trends, why not give them a go? comment down below what you think and if you want to see more blogs like this.

love island is back!

Like me i’m sure you all extremely excited that Love island is back on our screens. Every night at 9-10pm for the next few weeks most members of the British public will be glued to there TV screens getting carried away in the love lives of 10 complete strangers. On the first night it started it sat down with a cup of tea got comfy and sat patiently as it begun but i’m sure you was all just as disappointed as i was when you saw the new islanders.

when we was introduced to the islanders the first word that came to my head was bread. you may be confused by what i mean when i say bread but what i mean is that they are boring they seem as interesting as a plain slice of bread but not even nice bread. The past few years the contestants have been funny and bubbly making the show entertaining to watch where as this year they all seem to take themselves way to seriously.

We are not even two weeks in and one of the contestants has already been axed from the show for breaking one of the Love island rules. Before the the show starts the contestants have to sign an agreement stating that they will follow the island rules: those rules are

  • no nudity
  • no unsafe sex (condoms must be worn)
  • no masturbating
  • no smoking in the house, pool or garden
  • contestants who have sex must see a therapist afterwards
  • no phones or prohibited items
  • No inappropriate language or behaviour
  • No excessive drinking

as you are all probably aware contestant Sheriff was axed from the show from breaking one of these rules (not that we saw him much anyways). we have not yet been told which one of the rules it was that he broke.